Small Christian Communities

A Small Christian Community is a Community of Faith
  • A group of people, normally eight to ten who respond to God's calling to enter into a personal relationship in prayer life, for the purpose of strengthening their faith and sharing it with each other
  • Grounded in faith in Jesus Christ, Scriptures and Tradition
  • Linked to other Christian communities primarily through the Eucharist
  • Bonded unto the large Christian Community – the Parish.
Small Christian communities are groups of people who come together on a regular basis to pray, read and reflect on the Holy Scriptures, connect their faith into action through reaching out to the poor and the marginalized in acts of charity and social justice.
It is an evangelization model seeking to build a "community of communities which parish leaders receive an in-depth formation, uninvolved parishioners are invited to join faith-sharing groups, and parish organizations move toward being small church communities, revamping their meetings & allowing the Spirit to open them to a new vision of parish." (manual: For Leaders of Small Communities In Multi-Cultural Parishes, Betsy Lamb)
Pequeñas  Comunidades  Cristianas
Una Pequeña Comunidad Cristiana les ofrece a todos la experiencia de ser la Iglesia. Igual como los primeros Cristianos, las Pequeñas Comunidades Cristianas se reúnen para compartir el Evangelio, y nutrirse con la Palabra de Dios y compartir las experiencias de Dios en sus vidas y ser formados en las diferentes formas de discipulado. Se reúnen en casas particulares y las reuniones de los coordinadores son cada 2ndo domingo del mes a las 7pm en el salón Youth Room.

The Mission of a Small Christian Community:
A Small Christian Community Gathers Regularly for:
How often, for how long and where do they meet?
  • Weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, depending upon the structure and needs of the group
  • Normally in homes or at the parish Center
  • Meetings run for about two hours.