Everyone is called to be holy, just as God is holy;

However, one can safely say that:

Everyone is not called to a vocation of grace to single life; 

Everyone is not called to the vocation of grace to married life;

Everyone is not called to the vocation to priesthood or to religious and consecrated life:

And yet it is true, that God by his own meritless and gratuituos gift, takes the initiative, and calls us to the above mentioned vocations:

some to a Single life, others to a Married life; others to Priesthood, others to Diaconate, others to Consecrated life. 

'Many are called but a few are chosen'

God calls men and women - He proposes a particular task - charges us with a mission - send us out to work in his vineyard.

God bestows on each of us adequate grace to sustain us, sufficient enough to live that particular 'calling in life' in pursuit of holiness.

How does one discern, know and decide that one is called to a single life, to marriage, priesthood or the religious life?

This process of determining which particular vocation one is called to is called discernment.  It is a prayerful process in which one puts his or her trust in God and his will  for one's life.  What God wants then becomes what we want.  It is growing up and learning to do the Father's will. 

Do not be afraid to seek God's will in prayer, in the sacraments and in speaking to others who have come to know their own vocations.  Speak with your parents or to a matured married couple about how they realized their vocation to marriage.  Speak with priests and religious sisters and brothers about how they came to know their vocation.  Seek out dedicated single adults to learn more about their commitment to God.  Become informed by talking to those who have successfully discerned their vocation.  This will help you discern better your own!

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops invites dioceses, parishes and organizations to visit For your and to use the resources provided there.

Every Catholic young person is encouraged to consider the vocation to the priesthood or religious life.  Do not be afraid to discern these countercultural vocations.  One may wonder whether you could live hapily without being married.  Most priests, religious brothers and sisters have asked themselves the same question at some point. If one discerns that one is called to priesthood, one will realize that living outside marriage just as Christ did, is indeed something remarkable in order to be able to give oneself completely to serve others.  It is a radical calling, but one that can bring joy and fulfilment to those who are called to it. 

The Faith community, especially parents, teachers, priests, sisters can encourage our youth to consider a vocation to priesthood and the consecrated life.  Adult assistance in the exploration of all Christian vocations can help our youth in their vocation discernment.

The Whole Church is asked to pray for vocations to Single life, Married life, Priesthood, Diaconate, Religious and Consecrated life and other callings to Ministries to the People of God.