History 1999 - Present


  • Archdiocesan wide Capital Campaign, “Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders” was initiated. The campaign goal was $ 155,800 with efforts to make the extra $100,000.00 that would go directly to All Souls’ Parish School.
  • All Souls Women’s Club organized their 50th Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon to mark “Celebrating 50 Years of their service” to the Parish of All Souls. The event was celebrated on March 6, 1999 in the Embassy Suites Hotel in South San Francisco.
  • Parish debt incurred for the construction of All Souls Church is paid in full.
  • Rev. Fr. William Justice is transferred as Pastor of Mission Dolores in San Francisco, on July 01, 2003.
  • Rev. Fr. Agnel De Heredia is appointed as the new Pastor of All Souls Church on July 1, 2003
  • Archbishop William Joseph Levada installs Rev. Agnel De Heredia as the 9th Pastor of All Souls’ Church on September 14, 2003.
  • All Souls’ Parish registers its Domain name: www.Allsoulschurchssf.org. The Parish begins the Internet service for wider communication with the Parish office Staff, the Parish School office Staff and the Parish Religious Education office staff et all.
  • Sesquicentennial Year of our Archdiocese of San Francisco: 1853-2003: Celebrating the 150 years of Proclaiming the Good News to All Creation. Most Rev. William J. Levada presided over at a special Mass on July 17 at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, San Francisco, at 3:30pm marking the 150 years of the founding of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.
  • The Archdiocese of San Francisco marked the “100 years of Filipino Presence” in the Archdiocese and the greater Bay Area.
  • Inception of Stewardship Council  in our Parish of All Souls, on June 8, 2004, for oversight, restoration, repair, maintenance, constant upkeep, and preserve the rich heritage of All Souls Faith Community, be it in the areas of Spirituality, history, values, education, and advancement of our traditions.The Stewardship Council embarked upon the campaign of “Fixing God’s House”.
  • Rev. Fr. Ken Weare is transferred to St. Rita’s Church in Fairfax on July 1, 2004.
  • Rev. Fr. Elmer Magat is appointed as the new parochial vicar of All Souls Parish effective from July 1, 2004.
  •  Installed Four brand new energy efficient Heating Furnaces in the Parish Hall at the cost of $ 13,549.00. The contractor was LIVCO Heating & Sheet Metal Inc., San Francisco.
  • Rev. Fr. Agnel De Heredia celebrates his 25th anniversary of his ordination to the Priesthood, on May 1, 2005.
  • School secretaries Mrs. Gloria Raffaelli and Mrs. Nancy Bartoli retire from their positions after many years of service to All Souls School.
  • Rev. Fr. Santos Rodriguez is transferred as a parochial vicar to Church of Epiphany in San Francisco on July 1, 2005.
  • Rev. Fr. Alejandro Valle is appointed as the new parochial vicar here, effective from July 1, 2005.
  • Rev. Fr. Alejandro Valle leaves for Mexico in August 2005.
  • Rev. Eduardo Mendoza is appointed as the parochial vicar of All Souls Parish effective from November 1, 2005.
  • Archbishop William Joseph Levada leaves for the Vatican City on his appointment as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
  • Archbishop George H. Niederauer is appointed by the Holy See as the new Archbishop of San Francisco.
  • His Eminence William Cardinal Joseph Levada receives the Red Hat and is made a Cardinal at the consistory presided by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.
  • The Stewardship Committee adopting the campaign “Fixing God’s House” completed and paid for the brand new roof with green technology on the Church (replacing the old one which was leaking). The Parish hired Daniel M. Sullivan of the Hirsch Consulting Group to draw up the required specifications and supervise the roofing work for its compliance.  The contractors were: Safway Services, Scaffolding, Burlingame and  'Blue's Roofing Company' of San Jose, CA. The cost of the New Roof was $ 385,200.53.
  • The Parish Team of All Souls, embarked upon the task of restructuring the Bingo Team and its operation.
  • Mr. Michael Balboa is appointed as the Director of the Religious Education Program in the Parish.
  • Rev. Mr. Deacon Alex Aragon is transferred to Mater Dolorosa Church in South San Francisco, CA.
  • Installation of four Brand New Furnaces for the Church Heating at the cost of $ 30,680.00. The contractor was LIVCO Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
  •  Dr. Eilleen Goreman retires as Principal and Ms. Jody Bergmans retires as the Vice-principal of All Souls’ School.
  • A Resource Committee is formed to help support the Pastor in his pastoral and management areas.
  • Mr. Vincent Riener is appointed as the new Principal of All Souls’ School.
  • Ms. Karen Johansen is appointed as the Vice-Principal of All Souls’ School.
  • Rev. Fr. Elmer Magat is transferred to Star of the Sea Parish in San Francisco on June 30, 2007.
  • Rev. Arsenio G. Cirera is appointed as the new parochial Vicar for All Souls Church, effective from July 1, 2007.
  • A Brand New Sound System installed in the Church at the cost of $ 21,545.50. The Contractor was 'San Francisco Audio', San Francisco, CA.
  • New Computer systems installed to expand, develop and enhance the School Computer Science laboratory.
  •  Renovation and installation of two brand new power-assist toilets in the Church Restrooms.
  • Mr. Michael Balboa on completion of his three year commitment, steps down from the position of Director of Religious Education Program.
  • Mr. Ben Villa is appointed as the New Religious Education director for one year term beginning from August 2008.
  • All Souls School inaugurates new signage facing the Grand Avenue, Spruce Avenue, and Miller Avenue, in the North, South, East and West directions.
  •  New Trenchless Sewer lines installed in the Church grounds connecting the Convent, Church, Hall, Parish Office and Rectory buildings at the cost of $ 37,695.00. The contractor was 'Smelly Mel's Plumbing, Inc.' South San Francisco, CA.
  • New Telephone Nortel System with digital extensions installed in the Parish office, connecting the Parish office with the Rectory, School of All Souls as well as office of Religious Education.
  • Rev. Fr. Arsenio Cirera is transferred on July 01, in the same capacity as parochial vicar to the Church of Immaculate Conception in Belmont, California.
  • Church Maintenance, Repairs & Restoration Committee established. They meet every Thursday and  proactively attend to the repairs and on-going maintenance of the Church pews, kneelers hardware machanisms and wood work.  The Church kneelers are all uphostered with new foam and covers at the cost of $ 15,000.00.  May God continue to bless them for their dedicated work.
  • The Parish launched a new website with the domain name: www.Allsoulschurchssf.org
  • Installed a brand new energy efficient Hydronic RayPak Boiler system for All Souls School at the cost of $78,022.00. The contractor was Priubus Engineering, South San Francico, CA.
  • Mr. Michael Balboa is re-appointed as the Religious Education Director beginning from August 2009.


  • The long awaited work on the Repairs and Restoration of the Exterior Walls of our Church was finally undertaken: The Parish hired Steven Granieri of the SMG Consulting, Soouth San Francisco, to make a comprehensive structural diagnosis of the exterior walls of the Church and draw up specifications for the repairs and supervise the work on the repairs for its compliance.  The contractor was Ted Mayer, of the CAWC Water proffing and Restoration, Burlingame.  It included meticulous work on the Stained Glass Circular (Cross Shapped designed) Windows Perimeter Sealant and Wall Penetrations; Anti-rust treatment and rust containment application, the Spall and Concrete Repairs; Dryvitt Top Coat Application and Clear Sealer Installation. The total cost was $ 100,444.00. The Parish Bulletin presented a new photograph showing the restoration work on the Church building. You can compare the new look of the Church building with the old looks of the building, and see the remarkable difference.
  • Father Agnel De Heredia celebrated the 30th anniversary of his ordination to Priesthood on May 1, 2010. A party was hosted in honor of Father Agnel, and the dinner proceeds went towards "Fixing God's House" projects.
  • The Parish Hall kitchen was remodeled. It is designed with a granite top, wooden cabinets, brand new stove and oven and tile floor at the cost of $ 8,358.19.  It has a new look after 40 plus years.
  • Rev. Fr. Bonifacio Espeleta is appointed as the parochial vicar to All Souls Parish effective from July 01, 2010.
  • Restoration work on the exterior frames of the Big Stained Glass windows of the Baptistry of the Church completed.  Anti-Rust treatment, replacement of the steel fastening plates and painting to match the windows of the Church. Mr. Manuel Contreras completed at the cost of $ 4,000.00 
  • All Souls Pre-School: work in progress...... plans in various stages of discernment to weigh in the possibilities of remodelling the interior of the Parish Convent building, its cost, and affordability... Once we overcome these challenges, then comes the work of putting together the mechanism of hiring a Director and designing the program, licensing process etc.
  • A study on the Acoustics of the Church  is undertaken ... in order to minimize and if possible eliminate noise and distortion of sound, and maximize clarity and fidelity.
  • A new grotto of our Lady of Guadalupe is built: This time with the present statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe together with a new statue of San Juan Diego.  Rev. Agnel De Heredia blessed this grotto on December 12, 2010.


  • The Interior Painting of the Church: the acoustic ceiling, the confessionals, the Baptistry, the restrooms and the sacristy areas was completed at the cost of $ 56,000.00. Thanks to 'Fixing God's House' campaign. The Contractors: Y.k. Scaffold Company, San Francisco, and DeMartini & Arnott Painting, Burlingame, CA. Mr. Manuel Contreras supervised the the project.
  • Rev. Fr. Eduardo Mendoza is transfered on July 01, as a Parochial Vicar to the Church of the Visitation in San Francisco.
  • Rev. Fr. Bonifacio Espeleta is transfered on July 01, as a Parochial Vicar to the Church of St. Andrew in Daly City, California.
  • Rev. Fr. William Paul O'Dell is appointed as the new Parochial Vicar to the Parish of All Souls effective from July 01, 2011.
  • A brand new roof was installed on the Parish Office-Rectory building at the cost of $ 34,070.00.  The Contractor for the job was Mr. Roofing Inc.,  At that time the Roof was fitted with Three  Metal Halide 400 Watt fixtures to light up the Parish grounds at night. 


  • The Installation of brand New double panned windows on the Parish Office and Rectory building at  the cost of $ 50,000.00.  The Contractor for the job was John Alexander of the "Alexander Window Specialists Company'".
  • The inception of the New "All Souls PreSchool" on the Parish grounds.  Presently the Preschool is located in the mobile or portable unit. The Preschool opened its doors on 22nd of October 2012.
  • The Convent Building has been renamed as "Annex" Building:

The Annex  Building houses the following

  • The Music and Art Classes during the day  (School regular hours) and
  • 'All Souls School Day care' in the afternoons.


  • Brand New Restrooms in the All Souls School
    • Boys' Restrooms
    • Girls' Restrooms.

      These Restrooms are fitted with 'Touchless' lighting, faucet, flushing systems. The cost of these restroom was $ 322,579.42.  

      It was paid for by the earnings and savings from the Bingo Operation of All Souls Church.


  • Brand New Restrooms in the All Souls Parish Hall
    • Ladies' Rooms were extended to support serving four users at any given time.
    • Men's Rooms were extended to support serving three users at any given time.
    • A HandiCapped 'Uni-Sex' unit has been installed right at the main entrance of the Hall.
  • A concrete Handicapped Ramp: for wheel chair and handicapped access to the Parish Hall.
  • Four Handicapped Parking spaces designed for easy accessibility to the Church, School, Parish Office and Parish Hall for those using wheel chairs.
  • The cost of these restrooms, Handicapped Entrance ramp  Parking Handicapped spaces was $ 205,292.96.  This amount was paid from the savings and earnings of the Parish Festivals of All Souls Parish, South San Francisco.  The contractor for this project was Peter Bach of the Bach Constructions.

So a word of thanks is due to all those who contributed towards the Parish Festivals, their time, treasure and tallent to make Parish festivals a success. Father Agnel De Heredia thanks all the Parishioners, and dedicates this long awaited project to Parish organizations: Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Group, Guadalupanos, Mensajeros de Cristo, Small Christian Communities, Pastoral Familiar, Marriage Enrichment, Juventud con Cristo,  The Young Mens' Institute for the Festival dinners,  Italian Catholic Federation (ICF) for preparing the auction prizes baskets, well wishers, supporters, generous donors, the Parents of the Student body of All Souls School,  friends and visitors of All Souls Church.

Fr. Agnel takes this opportunity to  thank personally Mrs. Marie Baldisserri and Ms. Janet Vergara for charing  these Festivals for so many years with their sense of commitment and fun and laughter.

2015: July 01, 2015

  • Rev. Agnel Jose De Heredia was transfered in the same capacity as Pastor to St. John the Evangelist Church in San Francisco.
  • Rev. Briccio R. Tamoro, SVD was appointed as the new Pastor of All Souls Church.