Grand Parents
Make a difference because they,
Are always willing to listen.
Give comforting hugs
Keep the Spirit of family alive.
Warm hearts with their love and support.
Share life lessons that they have learned.
Treat others with kindness and respect.
Are inspiring role models.
Brighten days with their smiles.
For wisdom shared through the years,
Comforting arms that chase away tears.
Helping hands to show the way,
The gift of time for fun and play,
Stories and treats that bring delight,
Words of praise that make smiles bright,
For hearts filled with love
Far beyond measure
Grandparents are truly a family treasure!
Grandparents show their love for grandchildren
Greeting them with smiles and hugs
Ready to offer a kind word
Always cheering them on
Never doubting their abilities
Doing as much for them as they can
Providing wisdom and guidance
Accepting them for who they are
Reassuring them and bringing comfort
Expecting the best in them
Noticing their special talents
Taking time to play and laugh
Supporting them in all they do!