About Us


315 Walnut Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

phone: 650-871-8944

fax:      650-871-5806



The Church is favored,

the dwelling place of God on earth:

a temple built of living stones,

founded on the apostles

with Jesus Christ its corner stone.

(Rite of Dedication of a Church and an Altar 1977)



Parish Clergy

Rev. Briccio R. Tamoro, SVD, Pastor, ext 103

Rev. Zhaojun "Jerome" Bai, SVD, Parochial Vicar, ext 105

Rev. Demetrio Aguilar, SVD, ext 204


The Parish Pastoral Team

Rev. Briccio R. Tamoro, SVD, Pastor

Rev.Zhaojun "Jerome" Bai, SVD, Parochial Vicar

Rev. Demetrio Aguilar, SVD, In residence

Mrs. Maria Barcelata Long, Director, Religious Education Program

Mr. Vincent Riener, Principal, All Souls’ Catholic School

Ms. Karen Johanson, Assistant Principal, All Souls' Catholic School

Mrs. Lauren Balcáceres, Director, All Souls' Catholic PreSchool


The Parish Office Staff



Valeria Guardado, Parish Secretary, ext 101

Connie Martinez, Parish Secretary, ext 102


 Sacramental Formation Co-ordinators

First Reconciliation - First Holy Communion - Confirmation

Mrs. Maria Barcelata Long, Director, Religious Education Program

Mr. Edgar Ceja, All Souls' Catholic School

Ms. Ashley Kokesh, All Souls' Catholic School

Mrs. Rosa Gomez, Sunday PreSchool

R.I.C.A. Team.

Mrs. Rosalinda Gurola  -  Mrs. Maria Barcelata Long  -  Esperanza Urista 

R.C.I.A. Team

Mr. Benjamin Villa  -  Mr. Joseph Toomey  -  Mrs. Rosa Gomez  -  Mrs. Maria Barcelata Long

Preparation for Baptism: Clase  pre-bautismal

Mr. Joseph Toomey

Mrs. Esperanza Urista

Sacrament of Matrimony

Romeo & Gerry Agloro: Marriage Enrichment Team

Sonia & Cautehmoc Alvarado: Equipo Pastoral Familiar


Parish Office

Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm.

Phone: 650-871-8944


Mrs. Valeria Guardado, Extension 101

Mrs. Concepcion Martinez, Extension 102

After office hours in case of Emergencies: Extension 106

The Parish Office is located at 315 Walnut Avenue, (between the Grand and Miller Avenues) in South San Francisco, CA 94080, .

The Parish staff looks forward to serve you in whatever way humanly possible.

They look forward to help you with Mass intentions, Mass cards, and try to seek answers for you. Should you need to talk to a Priest, they will happily direct your call to a Priest on duty.